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Why Choose us?

We aren't the cheapest pet salon in town but here's why.

* We DON'T HIDE OUR GROOMERS in the back.  The Groom Room has a viewing window so you can see just how the furkids are treated.  You don't have to wonder or worry who is grooming your dogs or how. Just take a look :)


*  We won't keep your dogs all day! Dogs are generally done within an hour or two and go home immediately afterwards. 

*  We offer stress free grooming.  How is this?  A lot of shops require their groomers to groom up to 15 dogs a day, per groomer, or groomers must groom this many dogs to make a decent living due to low shop prices.  This creates a lot of stress on the groomer, to rush through grooms, unable to spend adequate time with each individual dog to complete a good quality,  and stress free groom.  Dogs feed off the emotions of their groomer and if the groomer is stressed, then the dog is having a bad experience. By limiting the amount of dogs each groomer pampers here at The Groom Room we are able provide a good experience for the dog. Not only do we limit dogs per groomer, we limit dogs per salon.  We believe in Quality OVER Quantity, so we don't pack our salon with mass quantity of dogs.  This keeps our salon as quiet as possible for the fur kids to have a less stressful environment.  Our goal isn't to have 30-50 dogs a day....Our goal is to create a pleasant experience for our furry friends.

*No heated cage drying!  Our groomers dry all dogs by hand. Dogs aren't sitting in cages with extreme heat and endangering them of heat stroke.  Dogs have died from cage drying, and we're not willing to risk the life of a dog over high volume grooming and laziness. 

*We don't train groomers on your dogs without your consent and charge you full price for a groom done by an unqualified groomer!  Yep... many places do this!

*High quality products and equipment.  Here at The Groom Room, we spend a little extra on products to ensure furkids are getting the best and we use equipment that allows us to safely groom dogs, such as electric lift tables for large dogs and walk in tubs.  Also, each groomer is provided their own stations with everything they need within reaching distance so, they don't have to walk away and leave their dogs on the table unsupervised.

*DAWN IS FOR DISHES... NOT DOGS!  That's right.  Many groomers use dawn dish soap or add it to shampoo to cut supply cost.  WE DON'T.  We don't believe in cutting corners when it comes to your pups.  Even Dawn has publicly announced that their soap should only be used on pets in extreme cases like oil spills.

*Your pups are a family member, not just pets.  We will treat them as such, with kindness and placing priority on their safety and well being.

*We're the best... simply put! :)

Why NOT to Choose us!

* You are looking for the most convenient and cheapest place.

* You don't care about getting to know who's care your dogs are in.  Any ole' place will do!

* You don't care how your dogs are treated, just as long as the job gets done.

* Your dog is your last thought and in no way a priority in your family.

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