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About Us

Picking the right groomer can be tough but important for satisfactory results. Every groomer has their own strengths and weaknesses.  All of our groomers have the utmost patience with the furkids.  Take a moment to read their bios to best pick your groomer for your needs. You can click on the facebook symbol located below their pictures to see their work.

Meet The Team


    Sue: Manager 

    This is the first voice you'll hear and the first face you see.  Be nice to her... she decides the fate of your grooming appointments.  lol

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    James: Groomer and large dog wrangler

    Strengths: Large dogs and Breed specific patterns

    Weaknesses:  Tiny dogs under 15 lbs

    James is our designated big dog groomer.  His clients love him and are very loyal so they are sure to pre book their next appointments before leaving the salon so he stays BOOKED. 

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    Ashley: Groomer

    Strengths:  Short clips, Mini Grooms and Outline trims

    Weaknesses: Longer hand scissor clips and deMatting

    Ashley is a quiet groomer and works at a slower pace, making her a good groomer for nervous and well behaved dogs. She does best with low maintenance short trims and bath/blowout outline trims on double coats.


      Gabrielle : Manager/Groomer

      Strengths: Puppies and Medium to Large Dogs

      Weaknesses: Skittish and anxiety dogs

      Gabrielle has bred, shown and currently owns Standard Poodles. She grooms all breeds and sizes. Click here to see her work

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      Lisa: Groomer

      Strengths: Older pets, timid furkids, longer clips

      Weaknesses:  Puppies and Large dogs

      Lisa has a quiet and easy going personality which makes her work well with the older and anxious pets, but she enjoys a variety of temperaments. She however finds it difficult to handle extremely wiggle or naughty dogs. She does not groom pets over 40 lbs.

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