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Meet The Team


Gabrielle : Owner/Groomer

Strengths: Puppies and Medium to Large Dogs

Gabrielle has been raising, training, breeding and even sometimes showing standard poodles for over 15 years. She has 5 personal standard poodles that are often seen hanging out in the salon. She loves grooming but especially standard poodles, doodles, puppies and schnauzers. She loves Asian fusion and gets excited about getting to use that style. 

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Erika: Groomer

Strengths: Creative cuts 

Erika is our newest groomer but has been a groomer over 14 years. She is extremely talented, loves doing creative grooms, even involving color. She has been a vet groomer and salon groomer. Her favorite breeds to groom are shih tzus and schnauzers. Welcome to the team Erika! 


James: Groomer

Strengths: Large dogs

James loves the big dogs, schnauzers, and terriers. With over 20 years of grooming experience, he is adapt at grooming all breeds. His clients love him and are very loyal. Prebook your next appointment before leaving the salon because he stays BOOKED. 


Morgen: Receptionist, Bather

Strengths: Patience  

Morgen is our receptionist and also bather. She does a fantastic job handling the pups and has 3 years of experience bathing. She is new to receptioning, so give her a little grace. Morgen loves dogs and especially cats. They adore her equally. She is Gabrielle's oldest daughter, so she's grown up in grooming salons, with a household of dogs, cats, and various livestock. 

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