Important.. Please Read


The Groom Room will no longer be accepting groomers tips on Credit/debit cards. If you would like to leave your groomer a tip, please hand exact cash to them or we will place it in their envelope for you. We cannot make change for tips.


Cash payments

  We appreciate you paying with cash or checks. Checks will only be accepted by existing clients. As a small business, it helps us keeps costs down due to high merchant service fees.  However, we DO NOT accept bills larger than a 20 and Cannot make change.  Any amount left over will go as a tip to your groomer. 

We will still accept card payments for those that need to use them.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Because we are by appointment only, hours may vary.  We close anywhere between 4-5pm

Located at 

5601 Basswood Blvd #145


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