Important.. Please Read

Welcome 2021! We are so happy that we made it through and looking forward to a better new year. Here are some updates for the coming year.

As with all other businesses, we experienced hardship in the last year due to the pandemic. Because of the rising prices in operating costs, we had to change our pricing structure to accommodate the addition price increases, which means we have had to raise some of the grooming prices.  Please click on the link below to see your updated grooming costs.


No Shows and Late Arrivals

We are by appointment, so time is essential. When pets arrive late, it puts the groomers behind and it's not fair to the next appointment that shows up on time. Clients are given a 15 minute window. We will be very strict about this in the future. If you are 15 minutes late for you appointment, your appointment WILL be cancelled and you will be considered a No Show and required to pay a NS fee before booking your next appointment. Be mindful of trains, school zones and morning traffic when planning your trip to The Groom Room. Early is better than late. If you need to walk your pet before entering the salon, get here early.

Please see our pawlicies here



The Groom Room will NOT be accepting groomers tips on Credit/debit cards. If you would like to leave your groomer a tip, please hand exact cash to them. We cannot make change for tips. However, you can still leave tips on checks.


Cash payments

  We appreciate you paying with cash or checks. Checks will only be accepted by existing clients. As a small business, it helps us keeps costs down due to high merchant service fees.  However, we DO NOT accept bills larger than a 20. We always need ones and fives :) 

We will still accept card payments for those that need to use them.

Appointment Confirmations.

A day or 2 prior to your appointment, you will receive a text reminder.  You MUST confirm by replying with the letter C to confirm. Do not reply with anything else or we won't get the text.  If you do not confirm, your appointment may be cancelled and replaced with someone on our waitlist. If you need to cancel, you must do so by email at This email is also located in the text.

Pre Scheduled appointments

It is recommended that you preschedule your appointments for the year. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, you will have time to do so when you get your reminder text. A lot of clients have already done so so some days already have limited availabilities. Bows/Bandanas (when available)will be free to clients that preschedule.  Must request them at the time of drop off.


Sometimes we offer specials.  These will be put on our facebook.. Be sure to like us and subscribe to our page. Don't miss out.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Looking forward to seeing you in the new year!

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