Our pawlicies are put in place because we care about the dogs.  They are our #1 priority.  By having pawlicies and sticking to them, we are able to reduce stress and offer a more pleasant grooming experience for your furkid. 

You will receive a reminder text of your appointment.  You must confirm to that TEXT with the letter "C".  Not confirming may result in your appointment being cancelled and replaced with another client on our waiting list.




 Please be ready to answer your phone while your furbaby is here! Your groomer may have questions for you and need your immediate attention. We will also need to get a hold of you for pick up.  If you are not going to be able to answer your phone while you pup is here, it might be best to reschedule on a day where you can be reached while we are caring for your furkid.


 You may drop off your dog early. However, your pet may not get started on till their appointment time.  DO NOT BE LATE.  We schedule accordingly so grooming is time sensitive.


* Aggressive Dogs:  We need our fingers intact. Aggressive dogs will not be tolerated and will be sent home and pet parents will be charged for any work that we were able to do.  If you think or have been told your doggie is aggressive and wants to eat the faces of the groomers, please speak with the owner or manager to see if we will be able to accommodate you.  Dogs they may just be difficult for certain parts of the groom are ok.  However, we will NOT fight a dog to get the job done.  We will only complete portions of groom that will not put undue stress on him/her or endanger your pet or the groomer.

Pets must be healthy and able to stand on their own during the grooming process.  

* There will be additional charges for pets with excessively matted or filthy coats due to the extra work and time involved.  We charge by the amount of time it takes to complete the groom. If you know your baby is matted, we would be happy to show you how to dematt them prior to his/her appointment to avoid extra charges.  Dogs that go longer than 6 weeks between professional service may be at the higher end of grooming prices.


* Please be on time for your appointment if you are 15 minutes late for your appointment time your appointment may be cancelled and you will be considered a NO SHOW and charged a NO SHOW FEE.  If you know you are running late, please give us a call to see if we will still be able to accommodate you.  A simple phone call is all it takes.

* No shows result in a big loss of income, especially if we're holding a time slot for you. PLEASE be courteous.  We send you emails and text to remind you of appointments allowing you enough time to cancel if needed.  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. No Shows and last minute cancellations will require a fee per pet equivalent to 50% of the service price (This price doubles during Holiday rush), to be paid before booking your next appointment AND pre-payment for future appt. If you can not make your appointment let me know ASAP, PLEASE do not wait until the morning of your appointment if at all possible. I will take into consideration emergencies or waive the fee if I'm able to fill that time slot with another client. You may cancel your appointment via email or leaving a message on my voice mail at any time.

* Holiday appointments ... The week prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest times of the year.  We HIGHLY recommend that you book for these times a Month or so in advance.  We turn away 10-15 clients a day, everyday, prior to the holiday . Should you reschedule less than 48 hrs prior to your appointment,  or no show during this time, you will need to pay for the FULL price of your missed service before making appointments in the future. 

* Rain Check...  If the weather determines your furkids grooming schedule, please check your 7 day forecast. Weather is not an acceptable excuse for last minute cancellations or No Shows.  Rain or shine we're grooming all the time! 


All furkids must be on a leash or in a carrier We do our best to maintain a clean environment.  This can be hard for pets that like to "mark" all over the place.  We wouldn't expect you to let our dogs pee on your furniture, so please don't let your furkid pee on ours.  Nobody likes golden showers. However, we know accidents do happen.  If you know your kid is a "marker" please let us know so that we may get him to his little condo quickly :)


* We DO NOT groom dogs in heat.  Not only are they temperamental during this time, it also sends the males into a frenzy..(yes, even the neutered ones)  Besides the fact that it is just gross..lol :P



PLEASE... do not arrive early to pick up your furkid.  We will call you as soon as they are finished being pampered.  It is never our intention to keep your furkids away from you longer than needed.  Showing up early could cause your pup to go into a frenzy and make it not only dangerous but impossible to finish the groom which we will still charge full price for.  Your pup may be here anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on difficulty of groom and how many furkids you have.  You may call to check on your furkids progress but remember.... the more time we take answering the phone, the longer it takes us to finish the groom from the distractions.

* Pets are to be picked up when called on  If your dog needs to stay for a long period of time, please let us know so we can schedule our day accordingly. Dogs that are not comfortable in a crate or crate trained will be expected to be picked up immediately upon completion of groom. 

Please make sure your furkid has gone potty before bringing them to the salon.  This will help your dog be more comfortable and at ease while being here.  There's nothing like having a dog leave a heaping pile of warm smelly poop on our table during the groom! LOL Should your pup have an accident in front of the shop, please pick it up and dispose of it properly out of respect for neighboring tenants. PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT on grooming day. This will help eliminate upset tummies and create a more comfortable grooming experience for him.

*Senior pets must be in good physical and mental health.  Grooming can be stressful for the older kids and stress could weaken the immune system, therefore, we do not groom senior pets in bad health.  Some senior pets also become intolerant to the grooming process, causing them to become resistant.  This is dangerous.  Should this be the case, you will be referred to a groomer within a veterinary clinic.  Senior dogs MUST be able to stand through the groom on their own or they will be referred to another groomer that specializes in Senior and difficult pets.

Please click the link for our Senior pets policies>>> Senior pet policy


Puppies.  Puppies must have at least two sets of vaccinations and the last set should be at least a week prior to coming in for appointment.  Keep those babies safe!


* We know all the dogs are precious and cute and the temptation is hard to resist when you see them being so good on our tables.  We have provided a window so that you may see the going ons in our salon.  However, talking to them, touching them and knocking on the window gets them excited and can create a very dangerous situation for our furry friends.  Please do not come into the groom room without an invitation.  Should you have children with you, please ask them to speak quietly so they don't over excite the doggies.  



* We have a no pest policy.  Any pet found with fleas will be treated at the owners expense.  If you know your dog has fleas, please pick up a capstar at any vet or some feed stores and administer to your pet 30 minutes prior to bringing them to the Salon.  If you are not able to do this, let me know at the time you make your appointment.

Not satisfied with your pups haircut?   We will be glad to adjust it if you let us know and bring your pup back within 48 hours of picking up your furkid.  This does not include if you "changed your mind" and want a different clip or length than you originally told us. Please check your pets haircut before leaving the salon.

WE CLOSE AT 5PM  Dogs not picked up by 5pm will incur a $1 per minute late fee.  We will be very strict about this so plan to be here BY 5.  We will be very strict about this.


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