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Groomer lingo

It's very important to know how to speak to your groomer when requesting your desired style.

 Shaved:  When a clipper blade is used w/out a guard come.  This does not mean "to the skin".  We can shave the coat in 3 lengths.  We choose the length based on the thickness of the coat.  We will NOT shave the dog so short that the skin will show. (this is your cheapest haircut)



Guard Clip:  This is when an attachment come is put over a blade to create longer lengths. There are about 6 guard lengths going up to an inch long.  The comb only sets the length and hand scissoring must be done to even up all over.  This is a more expensive groom


Hand Scissor:  This if for clips longer than an 1/2 inch or no clipper is used at all. This is the most time consuming and expensive groom.


Puppy Cut or Teddy Bear Cut:  There is NO SUCH THING.  This is a term may mean shaved to one groomer and left long to another. Please don't use this term when givng instructions to your groomer.



Teddy Bear Head:  This simply means, you like the face round and a bit longer than then body

(usually the same lenth on the top of the head, cheeks and chin).  Depending on your dogs hair,

and face shape will determine the outcome.


Paige boy head:  This is when all the hair is combed down and trimmed off the bottom and a trim over the eyes.


Clean Face:  This means you want the face completely shaved.



Clean Feet:  This means you want the feet completely shaved.


Natural feet (or we like to call grinch feet): When no trimming or very light trimming is done on feet.  Normally the cavalier king charles spaniel dog.


Cat foot.  When the hair that grows between the tows and on top of the foot is trimmed down.



Teddy Fear Feet:  When the hair is clipped the same length of the body and rounded out.


Flag Tail:  When the tail is trimmed in the shape of a flag.


Bobbed tail:  When hair is trimmed off the end of the tail


Squirrel tail:  The hair is trimmed the same length all over leaving the appearance of a squirrel's tail



Shaved Tail:  When the tail is completely shaved... looks like a rat tail



Pom Tail:  Where a small band is shaved at the base of the tail, leaving a round puff around the tail.


Shaved Ears:  Ears are shaved.



Layered Ears:  Hair on ears is layered leaving a fluffier appearance.





Bobbed Ears:  Hair is cut off at the ends up to the level of the chin.



Tipped Ears:  The top of the ear is shaved... usually done on prick ear breeds (Yorkies, Westies, etc)



Ears to shape of leather:  The edges of the ears are trimmed in the shape of the ear



Spaniel Ear:  The top 1/3 of the ear is shaved leaving long flowing hair on the bottom portion of ear.



Breed Specific Groom:  Please see your breeds specific groom on the breed's parent club website.  (Mixed dogs such as GoldenDoodles, cockapoos, Schnoodles, etc.. do not have a breed specific groom. It's all owner preference)

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