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Why is my dog so scared when I take him for grooming?

He doesn't want to be separated from his beloved parent.  He/she may shake, but this usually stops soon after you leave. We do our very best to make your dog feel safe and loved while he/she is here. Dogs will often feed off their owners emotions.  To lessen stress on your pet, please do not hover when dropping off your dog.  Show him you're confident in leaving him and he in return will be more confident about staying.


How long will it take?

This depends on your pet.  Most grooms are completed within 2 hours. 


Will my dog be sedated?

NEVER!  We try very hard to get the groom done with love and patience.  If
we cannot do that, then we will suggest you take your dog to a Vet where he can be supervised while sedated. 

Can I stay during the groom?

Sorry, but no.  

You are the love of your dog's life and seeing you sends them into a frenzy of excitement.  This can be dangerous when working with sharp tools, such as scissors and clipper blades, and is not safe.  It has been our experience that most dogs are actually more stressed with their owners stick around.


What if my dog has fleas?

Fleas are not allowed.  If you know your dog has fleas, please stop by a vet clinic and pick up a capstar and give it to your dog 30 minutes’ prior to coming for grooming. Capstar is an oral treatment that kills fleas up to 12 hours, but after that, it is up to you to do some flea preventative maintenance....We suggest Actyvil topical treatment you get at a vet clinic.
Should we find fleas on your dog, he/she will be treated at YOUR expense.


Why do you insist on shaving my dog?

The only time we insist on shaving a dog down is when de-matting becomes painful or stressful for
the pet.   HUMANITY before VANITY.  Please see this article on Matted dogs for information.



Do you accept walk ins?

No, however, if there is available space we will make same day appointments. Clients who make same day appointments will need to understand that appointment dogs have priority so your furkid may be in the salon for an extended period of time.  We highly encourage you to make appointments in advance.


Will you pluck my dogs hair out of the ears?

This is a very controversial issue.  Some say plucking prevents ear infections and some say it causes them.  In my own experience, I do not pluck my dogs ear hair and they have never had a problem.  However, we can pluck dead hairs that can be easily removed without causing trauma to the ear or pain to the dog by your request only at an additional fee. Just enough hair to allow air flow to the ear canal.  We DO NOT attempt to pluck hair that is deeply embedded in the ear or ears that show signs of an infection.  This is a job for your VET!


Do you do anal expressions?

This is also very controversial issue.  This is an age old practice done by a groomer that wanted to prevent the natural expression during the grooming process.  It is our belief and the belief of most educated groomers that this has actually causes more damage than good to dogs. WE DO NOT do routine anal expression, however, if you request it, we will do it.  Expressions are done externally, with light pressure only and is only a partial empty.  If you have been experiencing ongoing issues with this, please see your vet for an internal and proper full expression.



Do you give multiple dog discounts?

NO.   We offer services, not products.  Therefore, each pet takes up an appointment slot. 
However, there are other ways to save money, like referring a friend.  Occasional we offer specials that can be found on our Facebook page.  We suggest you keep up with our facebook if you like a good special .



Why is the price sometimes lower and sometimes higher?
Your grooming price depends on your desired haircut, your pet and how well you have cared for your dog’s coat.  Matting, pet’s attitude and changing the style of the groom may cause for longer groom times.  Longer groom times mean higher prices.  Same as a human salon, the price reflects the amount of work.



Do I tip my groomer?

If you feel they did a good job, absolutely.  However, is not a requirement but they do greatly appreciate it.  We get asked all the time, "how much should I tip".  Current tip etiquette for tipping groomers is pretty much the same as your personal hairstylist... but remember.... they go places your hairdresser never would ;)  

Why are you more expensive than my other groomer?

  Here at the Groom Room, we spend above average on better grooming products designed for dogs.  We never use cheap human shampoos or Dawn dish soap.. (Yes, some groomers do)  We also limit the amount of grooms each groomer does providing quality over quantity while providing a better less stress environment. Simply put... The Groom Room's groomers are worth it :)

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