We require a 24 HOUR NOTICE to cancel appointment to avoid Cancellation FEES. You must cancel by phone at 817-281-0316


NEW CLIENTS>>>>Please review our policies to avoid miscommunications.  View them here  ((( POLICIES))))


Reminder ********PAY with CASH and receive a discount! We do not accept bills larger than a $50.


Our Groomers greatly appreciate your generous tips for their excellent service.  However, The Groom Room will no longer allow tips to be placed on Debit/Credit cards or checks.  We know this is inconvenient but appreciate your understanding.  If you wish to show your appreciation by tipping your  groomer, please bring exact cash as we will be unable to make change.

PLEASE print of and fill out the following page to bring with you on  your appointment.  This will help check ins to be more efficient and communications easier for you and us.  If you are getting the same haircut as last time.. no need to do this!  Only if you want to make changes or are a new client.

Because we are by appointment only, hours may vary.  We close anywhere between 4-5pm

Located at 

5601 Basswood Blvd #145


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