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Why does it cost so much for dog grooming?

Pricing Dog Local Dog Groomers

You just called up a few local grooming shops trying to find the best price. It may have been a frustrating process because they only could give you an “estimated” price. This article will explain exactly why a groomer typically only gives estimated prices.

Average Grooming Costs

Though it is hard to give a firm estimation of costs for your dog due to many variables, Small Dogs can expect to price from $65- $75 and large breed dogs sit in the $90 to $200 range, with medium dogs somewhere in the middle.

Factors of Price – Size, Type, Condition

The main factors a groomer considers when pricing a pet are size, coat type and condition, style of haircut, and temperament. It all depends on the time spent to groom the pet. A dog that gets groomed every 4-6 weeks is typically in good condition and will not need as much prep work, if any, before the bath. Where as a dog that hasn’t been in, in awhile could take a good half hour to an hour to brush out or shave off mats (knots).

Size Matters – How Big is Your Dog?

The size factor of a pet is pretty self explanatory, but please understand that just because you have said “I have a Shih Tzu”  doesn’t really help. I’ve groomed 3 pound Shih Tzu and I have groomed overweight 25 pound Shih Tzu. Also, with mixed breeds or “designer breeds” the size variations is even larger. The larger the dog the longer it can take a groomer to shave it because of more surface area, but the smaller the dog doesn’t necessarily mean easier either. When dogs are really small it can take some extra time too because it is very hard to get the big clipper in their tiny areas.

Condition, Coat Type and Style

Coat type and condition on a cat or dog is pertaining to short haired like a beagle, or long haired like a Maltese. Short haired dogs are typically cheaper because they will only need to be brushed out after the bath rather than getting a hair cut like a long haired dog. Please be aware that short haired dogs may be shedding which also affects the price. The longer it takes to remove all the dead hair the more expensive it will be. If a pet goes to the groomer on a consistent bases and the coat is free of knots it will be cheaper.  Pre-shaving or de-matting knots on long haired dogs, will be an extra charge. The amount of the extra charge will all depend on the time it takes. Usually there is a set amount for the extra charge. For example, $1 per minute past 10-15 minutes of brushing.

Style of haircut affects the price because certain styles take longer than others. For example, a dog that always gets shaved down to a short length will come back and the coat will still be on the shorter side, if it’s been coming consistently. A dog that is getting groomed consistently, but is left longer, there is a lot more hair to wash, dry, and brush.  Plus, the hand-scissoring technique used to create a longer look takes more time. For example, in order to get the big fluffy round Bichon head the grooming needs to fluff dry it and hand scissor it, which is more time consuming compared to a Bichon who gets the head and ears shaved all one length. This also pertains to dogs that get groomed like the  breed standard and are in a “pattern cut” with a skirt or longer hand scissored legs compared to dogs that are shaved one length all over.

Difficult Dogs Cost More

Temperament is a big factor that a groomer needs to consider. It is also a factor that they won’t fully know until they’ve started working with the pet. By temperament I don’t only mean aggressive. There are many nervous or shy pets that do best when groomed slowly, so a trusting relationship can be built. A dog with a very playful personality is great, but is very hard to groom if they are excited and wiggly about everything! If it is an aggressive dog and has to be muzzled or requires more than one groomer the client needs to understand it takes longer and is more difficult, which makes the price increase.

The Price Quoted is Just the starting price

It is good to call around to get prices, but always remember to ask what the price includes.  Some places may give you an estimate on basic package only while others my charge more for extra services.  Please understand if it is an “estimated” price. I know everyone wants the best bang for their buck, but sometimes you get what you pay for.  The best way to keep the price as low as possible is to get on a schedule for every 4-8 weeks, and or bath brush appointments between grooms, brush in between groomings, and start them young, so they are accustomed  to being groomed and behave well.

Best thing to remember...  Good Groomers aren't cheap and Cheap Groomer aren't good!

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