Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles, Mastifdoodles, Cockadoodles, Aussidoodles..

Mix it with a Poodle and ya got a Doodle!

Doodles vary in shape, size and coat type.  Because of this, we can not give a exact estimate.  Here is how we break it down...  How ever many small dogs we can do in the same amount of time as one doodle, that's what we charge.  Roughly $62 an hour.  The longer between grooms, the bigger the dog and the longer you want to leave the hair is going to be more time consuming and at the higher end of the grooming cost. 



  • A Doodle weighing 60 lbs with a thick coat that gets a haircut leaving 1" of hair takes about 3 hours

  • A Doodle weighing 60 lbs with a fine wavy coat that gets a haircut leaving 1" of hair takes about 2 hours

  • Doodles weighing 60 lbs or more that want longer than 1" of hair are completely hand scissored takes 3-4 hours​

  • Shavedowns are going to take less time and be less $$$

  • Matted dogs or excessively hyper dogs that don't regularly visit a professional groomer will be higher. 




Starting Full GRoom price is for the lowest weight and a short blade clip of 1/8",  1/4" , 3/8"  or 1/2"


  • Doodles up to 20 lbs  start at $65

  • Doodles from 21 lbs to 40 lbs  start at $70

  • Doodles 41 lbs or more start at $100

Bath Prices are roughly HALF of the Groom Price.

Mini Grooms are roughly the price of a bath PLUS $15-$30