Drop off and pick up instructions. 

  1. If someone is already in the lobby, please wait until they leave to enter.

  2. We want to make check in and check out as QUICK as possible.  We are still accepting CASH or Check only (to minimize cross contamination). We WILL NOT make change. Any amount left over will go as a tip to the groomer.

  3. If you MUST pay with a card, we will email you an invoice and it must be paid PRIOR to pick up. The fees are high for non swiped cards so you will be charged the fees in addition to the service total. The charge is 3% plus 30¢.  PLEASE TRY and pay with cash or card. BE SURE TO LET US KNOW YOU WILL BE PAYING WITH CARD WHEN YOU DROP OFF YOUR FURKID SO WE CAN GET AN INVOICE TO YOUR EMAIL.

  4. Dogs must be picked up promptly to insure smooth operating practices. Most grooms take 2 hours or less.

  5. If you have grooming instructions or another number we need to call please email them PRIOR to appointment or your baby will receive the same haircut as last.

  6. KEEP YOUR CELL PHONES ON YOU. Your groomer may need to call you with questions about your furbabies grooming.

  7. We will not be de-matting dogs at this time.  To avoid shave downs, please make sure you can get a COMB through your pups coat. 

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time.  Stay safe and wash your hands. :)

Because we are by appointment only, hours may vary.  We close anywhere between 4-5pm

Located at 

5601 Basswood Blvd #145


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