The Groom Room has given the opportunity to an individual that would like to have a career in pet grooming.   We feel it is unfair to allow students to work on clients dogs without there permission (Yes this happens frequently in the industry)  

In exchange for allowing a student groomer to learn grooming on your dog, we will give you a generous discount.  For qualifying dogs only.  

  1. Dogs must be well behaved and used to regular grooming sessions.  Our student is here to learn, not wrestle with dogs.  Dogs that exhibit behavior that will put itself at risk of injury will be sent home and charged for services he/she was able to receive. 

  2. Dogs will receive haircut chosen by instructor.  Pet owner is more than welcomed to make suggestions, but student is to learn correct pattern placement and breed standard trims, therefor, instructor must chose correct groom for your particular breed  ( should you own a pure bred dog)

  3. Student is learning.  Constructive criticism is allowed by pet parent, but if you are picky about your grooming needs, please book with a seasoned professional groomer and pay full price.  Grooms are on guaranteed and redos will not be given. ​

66 plus pounds Starting at $75.95

Because we are by appointment only, hours may vary.  We close anywhere between 4-5pm

Located at 

5601 Basswood Blvd #145


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